My Hamster General Dr Bruce Grossinger: Common Sports Injuries And How To Avoid Them

Dr Bruce Grossinger: Common Sports Injuries And How To Avoid Them

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Sports injuries are a real bummer, especially when they’re a result of something as innocent as going for you know, a jog or playing your favorite sport. But you know the good news? It’s that there are steps you can take to prevent some sports-related injuries in the first place! Here’s what you need to know about common sports injuries from Dr Bruce Grossinger, and how to avoid them.

Shin Splints

If you have shin splints, you may feel pain along either side of your lower leg – usually near where it joins with your ankle–when running or jumping upstairs.

You might also notice swelling below each knee joint when standing for long periods of time. If left untreated, continued stress in this area could lead to more serious problems such as stress fractures or even compartment syndrome (which involves increased pressure within a fascial sheath).

Runner’s Knee

Runner’s knee is usually caused by repetitive overuse of the knee joint, which can cause inflammation and pain. The kneecap slides in a groove on the thigh bone as you bend and straightens your leg.

If this groove becomes worn or damaged, it can cause runner’s knee symptoms such as pain behind or around your kneecap (patella) which may be worse when you first start running after not doing it for some time. There might also be some tightness/stiffness in front of your hip, as well as pain while sitting with bent knees for long periods of time such as driving or flying.

Plantar Fasciitis

Dr Bruce Grossinger To deal with plantar fasciitis, just stretch your calves and Achilles tendon by sitting on an exercise ball and placing your heels on another exercise ball behind you. Roll forward until you feel the tension in both calf muscles (hold for 30 seconds).

Repeat three times per day for three weeks, increasing frequency as tolerated by adding one more repetition each week until reaching five repetitions total per day. Lastly, apply ice packs for 15 minutes every hour while awake during waking hours for two days, then massage the affected area with heat after the icing has been completed.

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